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COSMAX Operating Company

广东快乐10分官网 www.8ivs.cn Cosmax USA production factory is located in Solon, Ohio and has the capacity to produce 100 million products per year. In 2013, the factory was acquired from L'Oreal group. The facility's gross floor area is 30,658m2 and the factory is divided into sections: basics, color and powder production.


Tel. +1 440 600 5639
Address Address?Sales & Marketing:?65 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660
R&I Lab:?105 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660
Production Factory:?30701 Carter Street, Solon, Ohio 44139
Email General: info@cosmaxusa.com

Company Introduction and Vision

Cosmax USA is located in Solon, Ohio, and started its full-scale operation in 2015.
Due to the fact that the US market is free of a market dominator, it is possible to establish a competitive strategy. Many believe now is the perfect time to enter the US market.
With the opening of our Ohio factory, we realized an integrated management system ranging from R&D to production and marketing in the US, as we did in China and Indonesia.
Thanks to the popularity of K-Beauty and other Korean cosmetics companies American consumers are welcoming our products.
The superb technical capability and services of Cosmax will be instrumental in spreading your brand name among Americans. Additionally products that will be manufactured with the full support of the R&I center in Korea will far surpass the value of competing products. In the future, Cosmax USA will grow while excelling in the fundamentals such as R&D and manufacturing in accordance with the demands of local market.

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